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My Daughter’s Journey To Recovery

When I found out my daughter had an opiate addiction, I was blind-sided. She was 24 years old, a great student, a talented cook, and the last person anyone would suspect to be an opioid addict. Her addiction really began to snowball after college when she had a major surgery and was prescribed Percocet. She began to spiral out of control and eventually moved back home. We were told her options were either Vivitrol or a Suboxone® clinic. So, I called The COAT Center of Pittsburgh. They were very understanding and set an appointment for that day. I remember my daughter saying, “Mom, do I have to do this?  Can I go tomorrow?” And I replied, “No, we’re going right now, they’re waiting for us.”

” I Got My Daughter Back. She’s Been Given A Second Chance.”

When we got to The COAT Center of Pittsburgh, the staff immediately welcomed us. They did their initial consultation and gave us her Suboxone® prescription. At home, I literally had to hold her arms and watch her put that sublingual strip under her tongue. As soon as the strip had dissolved, she said, “Mom, I actually feel pretty good.” COAT’s Confidential Outpatient Addiction Treatment provides professional and judgement-free treatment that allows patients to maintain a balance with work and family commitments. Their drug addiction recovery program includes in-depth counseling, board-certified physicians, and compassionate staff who will provide individualized treatment plans. They create a safe and confidential environment for a successful journey to recovery. I am so grateful to The COAT Center of Pittsburgh for giving my child a second chance at life.

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At The COAT Center of Pittsburgh, our mission is to help people, like this family, break the cycle of addiction. Your child no longer has to suffer. There is hope for a happy and healthy future of sobriety. We want to help you fight for your family. Just take the first step today and make the confidential call that could save your child’s life. You’ll always be their parent, but you don’t have to have all the answers. Just a means to a life-saving solution. Let us help you, help them. We are here, and are ready to get your child back.


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